Pacifist Pokéball ydg'n?
Anonymous said:  You're gorgeous

thank you very much!!

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It’s Over - Seahaven (x)
  • Track Title:  Wolves at the Door
  • Artist:  Senses Fail
  • Album:  Life Is Not A Waiting Room
  • Plays:  981 plays
  • notfondofnorthjersey:

    Day 106: Wolves at the Door-Senses Fail

    I gave up on myself a long time ago
    The black clouds they swallowed and spit me out whole
    "Sometimes I feel like I’m losing my soul,
    At least that means I still have a soul left to lose.”


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Derek Archambault of Defeater- But Breathing (x)

    i’m having very bad panic attacks and i feel very weak and sick to my stomach it has been happening for the past three days… is there anything i can do to help it stop? i’ve been taking my medicine and i know i’ve been very stressed and upset this past week. i just really don’t want to feel like this, this has happened before but has never lasted this long. if you know anything that may help me please message me or kik me at harrisonchrista. thank you

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Stick To Your Guns // What Goes Around
I was hoping you’d save me from me [x]

Balance & Composure The Orpheum Tampa, FL 9/14/14
  • Track Title:  "Suicides May Have Been Pact"
  • Artist:  Comadre
  • Album:  A Wolf Ticket
  • Plays:  687 plays
  • anarcho-animeism:

    I got this new way to hate, a razorblade and some tapes, here’s the ones who love to lose. Now that I’ve swallowed mistakes some sailor’s luck in the way. I am stomaching what I can’t chew. I want some blood in the back of my throat, flatline, flatline and “today is a good day to die.” Guess where he’s staying today, down with the worms and his gin, I am viva hating all my friends, so call in dead just not sick a couple crates full of grins, I’ll staple them to your last meal. No guts no story right? Here’s everything you’ve ever worked for and everyone who’s ever lost at war. Buried and burned, this ocean you’ve earned. I’ve got my way out, a better home, a different kind of throne, where you favorite word is alone and breathing in just tastes like old bones.

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The Story So Far - Mt. Diablo

Tattoo done by Mitch Allenden. (in progress)
    mgrimesy said:  Just simply go introduce yourself, be as genuine as possible and from the sound of it you really would like an opportunity to get to know him. You're a beautiful girl, after you get to talking ask if he is involved with anyone, shows you're respectful. If he says no then ask if he wouldn't mind you texting him. It's a new day in age where women shouldn't feel shy to take he first move because if he's single, he's got to just be shy to not have approached you yet. Oh and new follower :) I'm Matt!

    wow thank you so much! it means a lot! :)

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